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Saturday, 28 November 2015

When I Was Born

When I was born

One can be poor and be less privileged in many ways, but everyone has a birthday. A birthday is the day which the doctors told your mother to be the day when you were born. It is not all the dates that were told to us that are accurate, some of us were given the not correct dates as our birthdays.  When that day comes, the day which were written on our certificates of birth, people take their time to send to us messages through the different types of communication arenas. Some call us, some send us cards, some meet us and say "happy birthday". It brings a great feeling, you feel like the day is great. "happy birthday", what makes a day happy? I do not know.

Some of us were lucky in their lives, they have celebrated such days, had parties and a host of presents. As for me, it's kind of a new thing, but I appreciate it. I believe the day in which one was born deserves to be celebrated and admired. If not for the day in which one was born one could not be where he or she is. On that day you were lucky, you could have died at birth, but you survived. Is that not enough a celebration? I think it is.

We can not stay away from the truth that some souls misuse the chance of others trying to honour their birrhdays. Some people, especially ladies, have about three to seven birthdays in one year. They aim for presents from different individuals, so bad.

On the twenty eight'th of November I received a lot of great messages from friends from different social media wishing me a happy birthday. Really that was great. I am happy how different individuals sent messages to me. One day I will have a party myself and celebrate with family and friends, celebrate my birthday. I bow.