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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Bombastic, Romantic, Fantastic Lover!

We intellectuals go around interacting through the pen, another one writes and other reads at the other end, that's our interaction, we are to sparsely uttered to share round tables. As we interact in this unique way, we motivate, encourage and inspire each each. On December 27, 2015 I read an article by a great fellow, Bongani Dube on the Sunday Swazi Observer. The article inspired me to look back at 2015, I only noticed after reading it that 1015 is as good as dead and gone. One thing I liked from the article are the words "You nasty, nasty 2015", in another line he calls it "Darling"; this brings to me the sweet sour feeling he or most of us have about the year. The words reminded me of a great movie I once watched, "Sexy Evil Genius", oh! The starring lady in that movie, playing the character of Nicky, for once you say 'Nick' you are dead. Everybody in that movie felt sweet sour about Nicky.

Bongani is right, the year is gone and we have both sweet and sour memories of it, myself included. By "we" I mean me and you actually. I hope you have now noticed, I love love, so wrapping the year I should take that aspect of humanity, Bongani and a lot more penners have touched much on all the rest, why should I sing an already sung song?

Yesterday I went to my Facebook, in there I have a page "Elcrema", they know a lot about love and relationships, I wonder if they ever lose their loved ones to others; the way they talk about love, I do not expect them to lose loved ones other than to death. The Elcrema authors made a collection of sayings that would make men "better and romantic" lovers. I loved a few of the sayings, and they reminded me to send a text to my lady and say "I love you". Let me bring to you some of the sayings of my choice, for more you can go to elcrema.com

 1.They say a picture tells a thousand words but when I see yours all I see is three:            “I love you”.
2.I miss you when I’m not with you….when I’m not with you, all I do is think about you…when I think about you, I just want to be with you….and when I’m with you, it’s like all of my dreams have come true.
3.I saw you were perfect and so I loved you. Then I saw you weren’t perfect and I loved you even more.
4.My thoughts are free to go anywhere, but it’s surprising how often they head in your direction.
5.I’ve fallen in love many times…always with you.

Fantastic! Please, be honest here, how do you feel when reading the above sayings? Don't you feel like repenting and being the greatest lover? Like Shaggy said, "bombastic, romantic, fantastic lover!"The above sayings are really great to hear, they surely would melt your lady, they touched me too, I loved them. One thing about ladies, which men rarely take advantage of, is that ladies love being appreciated. Make sure you appreciate something on her per day, that would tell her that you care and do take time to think about her. Men are busy in nature, when I'm watching Man. U against Chelsea with the guys I am very busy, or when having a drink or two with the guys. In that busy schedule, just fit her in with a compliment.

I won't waste time and mention all the things that happened during the course of 2015, I will just channel us to look forward. Let us forget about all the happenings of 2015; the heart breaks, the tears, the heek ups, the old fun, the old memories. Let us make 2016 an all valentine year, a year of love. Love does not mean always happiness, but it means giving all for the one you love. "Just like gambling, keep pouring the coins", I once said.

Thursday, 24 December 2015


Christimas has become some kind of 'family day' to many of us.  They release us from our work stations and we go to have time with our families; we dine, we chat, we laugh, we enjoy it. I personally love it.

One thing that hurts me is the blood that flows out of lives, the scars, the break of happiness. I implore you my brothers and sisters, loved ones, beautiful ones; please be responsible while you enjoy.

The King B loves you so much.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Love We Only Hear About in Music

The Love We Only Hear About in Music

Music is one great art that takes one to a different world, a perfect world, a world of pure imagination. I love music, I love fantasy, I love happiness. Happiness is only in the fantasy world, I assure you on that. For one to be happy, one has to forget about other things and set their mind only on that particular happy moment. Before I started working, I thought getting paid brings happiness, No; I was wrong. With music, you forget reality and think only of the great things expressed by the musicians; be it music of appreciation or of complaining, they all lock you inside your own room. Mostly, when I'm at my workplace, when I wake up in the morning I boot my computer and listen to music. As the music plays I sing along, I agree with the singer, I disagree with them. During that time I am in a world of music, a world of fantasy, a world I would never be besides through music. I have one reason for doing this, I want to make sure that when I step out of the house to reality, that world be new.

"if loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be right..." How does this sound? To me it sounds WoW! This is a song by Luther Ingram, I'm happy to disclaim it before you think I'm the one who says this to you, hey! people love being loved but they never love the way they would love to be loved. These are the sacrifices you only find in music, whereby one would rather be the greatest culprit just to be with the one they love. How I wish you could get the lyrics to the whole song, "If being right means being without you I'd rather live a wrong doing life...". WoW! Can you imagine that? Can you?

Luther Ingram is not the only one who has a really music song, I also know a great jam by Julio Iglesias "When you tell me that you love me". I love this song, when I listen to it I feel love deep inside me, love I have never felt before, and I do nothing than send "I love you" to that Lady whom I love. "I'll make you safe no matter where you are, and bring you everything you ask for nothing is above me, I'm shining like a candle in the dark when you tell me that you love me...", hey, believe me on this, this song takes me to a world I wanna be forever.

Hope I am not in a way advertising certain music, I'm only making sure that you understand the sweet sting of music in our lives. I know by now you are wondering about my age, do not worry I'm a late 90's soul, just that I njoy great old jams. To me music is like wine, it matures with age. I wasn't a fan of Chris Brown ft. Jordin Sparks's "No Air" when it was really hot to many of us, I only played it most in 2015, and a friend was like "really! You still got this one?". Still on the effect of music, I hope you know the Everly Btrothers, they play a really great jam, "let it be me", hey, believe me again, it makes you think like "Wow! Love".

 "I bless the day I found you
I want to stay around you
And so I beg you
Let it be me

Don't take this Heaven from one
If you must cling to someone
Now and forever
Let it be me
Each time we meet, love
I find complete love
Without your sweet love
What would life be?"
     Everly Brothers.

No, No No! Its not me, but the Everly Brothers. I'm sorry to quote much of this one, but I couldn't help but feel like I should say these words to you, oh! How do you feel at reading the above verses? Just be honest, how do you feel? As for me, I feel like "oh! Love". I would play this one in the morning, and I would go to my cell phone and send a message, 'I love you babe'. These are the kind of jams that reminds you how great love is.

I'm not a persimist, but that does not blind my eyes from worries of life. Even mourning or complaining music, the Adele type of music, does take one to a fantasy world. And, I won't bring up Adele, unless some people feel like I am talking to them when saying "Never mind I'll find someone like you...". Like really! Why would I look for someone like the one who just hurt me? Am I looking for another Hurter?

Beau Williams plays "Alvina", oh! what a jam! You know when Alvina plays, you think of all your lost love, all the mistakes you'ved made, all the wrongs you do to your current love.

"But sometimes it takes so much for a man to see
The good that I had in you
And you were always so true,

Guess I never thought u would ever go away yeah~
Down on my knees everyday
Pray that u come back to me..."
                   Beau Williams.

The guy in the song is down on his knees begging the not there Elvina. Hey! Have you ever talked to someone who is not there? Talk to her like she is right in front of you? That is because your eyes do see her at that point, just that they see her turn her back and leave. This song takes me to a fantasy world as well, just like the happy ones.

Let me tell you, I really do listen to old music. I can't afford to leave without drawing your attention to Julio Iglesias' "If I ever needed you".

"I can't be the same
since you went away.
The best of my life
walked away with you that day.
I was wrong, I know,
when I hurt you so.
I was a fool
to ever let you go.
Stay with me... Oh! Stay with me!"
            Julio Iglesias.

I'm tongue tied, tied. People would rarely admit to being stupid, let alone the egocentric creatures, men. But, in the song we hear such, one admitting to have been a fool. That is what we all wish our partners could say whenever they have hurt us, we wish they would come down and show that they are sorry, make us feel great and better. Unfortunately, these are words we only find in music.

This is my advice, if you want enjoy happiness, love and life, you have to take time and lock yourself in your room and play great music, music that says all the things that you wish to hear but you are never told. Smile, laugh, say yes, say no, intersect with musicians. I've dined with Julio, Phill Collins, Kenny Rodgers, The Mighty OJs, Temptations, Lionel Richie, Michael Lens; I have responded to their words, affirmed their words, laughed at their words. That is why I would never go to a live show, because I won't get the quality time I get with then in morning before I go to work.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Love what a Wonder You Are!

               A Dilemma

There is this wall
This so Strong wall
It bounds around our hearts
It keeps them safe
Safe from arrows from bows

In the process of safety
Pain is enclosed inside
It grows everyday
The wall aids in safety
But also aids in pain

So fragile
Yet so willing
So willing
Yet so fragile
Is our hearts

Break it?
We are prone from the arrows
Keep it?
The blisters of pain grow inside
At a time they will burst

What a wonder you are
A double edged sword
Heals and hurts
Titilates and cuts

      By B. Dlamini

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Love Takes Two

Love Takes Two

"Relationships are like birds, if you hold tight they Die, if you hold loosely the Fly. But if you hold with care they stay with you for ever" www.informativeQuotes.com. WoW! This is well said, well said.

I am not the kind of a soul who easily gets bored, but sometimes I do surf through my WhatsApp and check my friend's profile pictures and status messages, believe me, its fun. Since the popularity of picture messages, people now express their feelings through the pictures they upload as their profile pictures. That is where I met this above qoute. When I saw it I was like, 'o.k true'. If I were to add a word to the line I would say "relationships are like young birds...". I usually say to my friends 'to find a great partner relies solely on luck', I have been into relationships myself, I assure it takes a fragile handler. The time when you try to hold him or her much closer, s/he gets pushed away. Also, the time when you just don't care, s/he gets pushed away feeling ignored.

I sat down and looked at this, looked at the relationtiops I have seen, through my friends, my brothers, cousins and neighbours. Handling a relationship takes both partners, what makes it to be like a small bird is having one party trying so hard to keep it alive while the other doesn't even remember that it exists. If it was a cup it would have two handles, calling for two hands to hold it nicely. One thing that leads to one partner nursing a little bird is the reasons for which we fall in love. If I were to ask, why did you fall in love with your Ex or your current partner? There are a few, much few of us who would say "I don't know, I just felt love overwhelming me, I love that soul", while according to my belief that's the answer that would define a genuine reason for falling in love with someone.  Once we have a clear reason why we fell for them, then it would be an artificial relationship, mainly because once that person loses that aspect, your love dies a natural death. "I just loved his wheels... I was caught by the taste of clothing... He spoiled me that I can't deny the offer", these are some of the responses you would get. And these are the kind of situations which lead to fragile little birds.

I do not know why and how it happens, maybe that is where the 'love is blind' ideology emanates from. I do not understand why we cling to our partners even if we do not feel the love, like we never felt it. I'm sure you will think of a couple yourself; those couples from which everyone can see that one partner has never loved the other, while the other is sensationally burning with love, o.k I have seen some of such. We keep on nursing the fragile bird which does not even show a sign of willing to live. Please sweet angels, get me well, I am not saying minimise this page and go straight to your messenger and send him or her an "I'm done" message. What I'm just saying is give it a thought.

"You hold it tight, it dies...", the reason for this is simple, sometimes; you never miss the water until the well runs dry. Its normal of humanity, we never know the precious things we own until we lose them. So, the tighter you hold, the more s/he forgets your reflex muscles can still loosen up and s/he falls. And still, I'm not saying dry the wells fellas, I'm just talking about what is on the ground.

"You hold loosely, they Fly...", you know the reason? O.k I do. This is rather expected though, the bird feels unwanted. What makes the bird feels unwanted is the fact that it is not doing any means to live.

"If you hold with care, it stays with you forever". I'm sorry, may I please begg to differ on this. In my own view, there is no bird that can be held 'carefully' if it is not willing to stay, it does not see the reason for staying, or it just doesn't like the place. The bird has to have an interest to stay and survive too. As I have said, its a two handle cup, it needs both partners to strive to make it work. Love really does take two, it is not supposed to be one of the two lovers working so hard to help their communion survive. Let me make this clear, when two people are in love, none between the two of them is doing a favor for the other by falling in love. They have to both do so because they feel the love, thus they will see the reason to sweat to keep their relationship going forever.

Let's kill the birds, and hold our hands together, embrace love, enjoy love. Let me tell you, it is so nice and enjoyable to be in love, reciprocal love. I love you.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Let Us Involve Them Too

Let Us Involve them too

Sixteen days of activism against abuse of women and children. I am fully beihind this campaign, I'm not a fan of abuse or any form of violence. Among women is my mother, among children is my daughter.  I think this shows it to you how much I am attached to women, I can't perpetuate their abuse in any way. Actually, I feel like the sixteen days is not enough, why not three hundred and sixty five days of activism against abuse of women and children?

Men should not use their strength to make women and children's lives miserable, instead they should use that strength to ensure that women and children are safe and happy.  I for one, I cannot let my lady carry a heavy load in my presence, unless its our daughter and she is crying; I would never let anything bad happen to my daughter in my presence, something I can prevent with cmy strength. My strength is to their advantage, not their woe. What kind of a man who does not find joy in making a woman smile, being the hero for a lady? I do not know that kind if men, I know men who always are eager to do great things for a lady. The kind of men I'm talking about would never hurt a lady either by words or physically.

I do not understand really how men get to abuse and be violent to women. On the campaign then, I would like to voice my view on the title or heading of it. "Sixteen days of activism against abuse of women and children"... "...abuse of women and children", who are the monsters then? Whom are we acting against in the sixteen days? Let us not waste time people, the answer is simple here, MEN. Men are the ones who abuse women and children, the sixteen days is against them, purely.  As I have already said, among women is my mother and my daughter among children. Really! Do they need to be protected from me? In me they see a shelter to hide under. So, who are the men who abuse women and children? A simple answer again, the very same supposed pillars of strength.

O.k, men abuse women and children. I have a question as well, are men never abused? Have we not heard of cases whereby men are physically abused by their wives? Have we not heard of cases whereby men are verbally and emotionally abused? I for one have heard some cases. I have heard a case where a man was splashed with boiling oil. That is abuse at it's best. That being said, we cannot despite the fact that in most cases where man are abused by women it's a retaliation from the woman. There are a few cases of pure men abuse.

In the struggle to bring the abuse to stop we need not to single out one group as monsters. We need all social groups to join hands in the fight. So, if we single out one group as the monster group we might chase them away in the process, they might shy away. Like really, how do you join a fight against you? You are boldly said as the cause of the problem, then how do you shout around " stop it! Stop it!"? Honeslty I love the fight against abuse of women and children, above that I love humanity as a whole. Let me not beat around the Bush; I want to say let us fight against "human abuse", 'sixteen days of activism against human abuse', isn't that nice? Let humanity be one and fight against all social illnesses together without pointing fingers to certain groups of the society.