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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Yes, He or She Had Both of Them

Yes, He or She Had Both of Them

"We speak with scientist Tyrone Hayes of the University of California, Berkeley, who discovered a widely used herbicide may have harmful effects on the endocrine system. But when he tried to publish the results, the chemical’s manufacturer launched a campaign to discredit his work. Hayes was first hired in 1997 by a company, which later became agribusiness giant Syngenta, to study their product, atrazine, a pesticide that is applied to more than half the corn crops in the United States, and widely used on golf courses and Christmas tree farms. When Hayes found results Syngenta did not expect  that atrazine causes sexual abnormalities in frogs, and could cause the same problems for humans, it refused to allow him to publish his findings. A new article in The New Yorker magazine uses court documents from a class action lawsuit against Syngenta to show how it sought to smear Hayes’ reputation and prevent the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from banning the profitable chemical, which is already banned by the European Union.They are definitely putting toxic chemicals in our food but do you think the Professor may be on to something in his research claiming that some of those chemicals intended purpose is to make people gay?" WordonDaStreet.com

This brings me to a topic that I have been shying away from for a long time, homosexuality. I have friends who are homosexuals, or say suspected by others but proven to me to be homosexuals. On Facebook I have one American friend, he is homosexual. On top of that I still listen to Sir Elton John, the first time I had of a homosexual marriage was through Elton. I have never thrown a stone to any of the homosexual individuals I meet at the mall.

There is one thing that has really pushed me away from writing about homosexuality, one push factor, I do not understand how people become homosexuals, and I haven't yet came up with a theory that is satisfactory to me. This makes me shy away from the topic, but what has been published by WordonDaStreet.com under the title "Black Chemist Says They’re Putting Chemicals In the Food To Make People Gay" Pushes me towards saying something. Before going further with the discussion, let me make it clear that I am not going to give a verdict of whether homosexuality is right or wrong, that's not my take.

During my primary school era, late 90s, in my School, Sidvwashini Methodist Primary School, there was a mystery. I say mystery because that is what it was to us. There was a young boy, or say pupil, whom we heard rumours about. The rumour was he or she has both reproductive organs. Older guys would lure him or her to the other side of the school area and they would ask him or her to show them. With time he or she began to charge a 100cents for seeing, me and my friends organised the money and our show time came. Yes, she or he had both organs. I'm not sure I if this is relevant to homosexuality, or if it has any effect to one's sexual orientation. This is just me telling you about what I remember in my primary school days.

Back to the issue at hand, are homosexual people taking homosexuality through choice or they discover that they are homosexuals? That's the question which haunts me. I have always argued that emotions are non reasonable, I sometimes fail to answer myself on why do I so much love the love of my life. You never plan to love nor plan to hate as well as to cry. To me there is a possibility that homosexual people do not sit down and plan to love the people of their own sex. I think they get surprised by 'why do I feel this way towards that guy' , that is if it's a male, or 'why do I feel this way towards that lady' for the females. Sometimes, I suppose, they try to fight it off for a time, but it persists.

Another possibility, hormonal dysfunction. How many times have you said to someone "thanks brother" only to find out later that its a lady? Or "thanks my sister" and later be told it's male? I'm not a natural scientist, but I think we should be expecting some disorder from someone who looks like the gender which one is not.  During my tertiary time I knew a lady who was male. He had lady friends and he looked like a lady. So what would you say about that? Did he choose to be so?

We also have a third set of homosexuals, society brewed homosexuals. Single parenting has become normal in our worldwide society. I believe it is normal of children to imitate their parents, that is the one they grew up with, if they love that parent he or she becomes their role model. Then let's think about this, a girl who grew up with only her father, having her farther as a role model, liking the way her father treated her as a women. Are there no chances of her willing to be the same to a woman, being sweet to her like her father was to her? Are there no chances that she develops manly habbits and thus feeling like she needs to be a man and someone else be a female partner to her? Or a girl who grew up with her father and has the void of a woman's love. Are there no chances that she grabbs herself a mother and that mother be her patner? The same with males, he may be 'girlish' because he grew up with mom, fitting mom's heels and weaves and dresses. He doesn't understand himself as different from his mom. Or he misses the fatherly love, thus grabbs another man to fill the void.

Another set we have is that of the dissapointeds. The person has an emotional disorder due to a deep hurt he or she felt in the lovelife field. I have many times had women say 'all men are the same... All men are dogs', and have many a times heard males say 'women are evil, and they are all the same thing'. This may lead to one opting for the one who is not a dog, for ladies, or the one who is not evil, for men. I know of many guys who stay alone and swore never to fall in love again because of hurt. One thin is, they would usually hang around with a brood of boys, we do not know though, beyond the walls. If only those walls could speak.

There is this set that really confuses me though, the 'bi' ones. How can you be bi? I'm afraid those are just afraid of coming out and take one side. Or, there some benefits from one side, thus they have to keep them both. Or, just winds of fashion, they want to taste everything as they only live once.

Then Hayes brings yet another thought to my attention, arguing that there are individuals who intentionally brew homosexuals through a chemical in foods. O.k, one reason for that may be that one of them who are in any of my above sets embarked on a rather inhumane intention to make others like him. Do I know, No I do not know actually. Let's think about it for now.