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Friday, 6 November 2015

War is a Game, Just Like Rugby and Cricket

War does not really break because there is an apparent need, for a war to break we need one power to have new tactics and new war technology that needs to tested and bragged about.  Honestly, after spending a lot of time and funds inventing a new gun, really why would you stay away from testing it? This is just like finding out a new recipe, you cannot just keep it to your own self, but would want to get a chance to showcase it to others.

Or have a new soccer team that feels it can beat any opponent through its unity.  If two or more countries ally up they surely would feel the need to test their strength against another team. I do not blame them, I understand the feeling. Its a feeling I used to have after reading different sources on a topic that interest me, I would feel like someone should ask me about it so that I can express my knowledge.

In the case at hand it is rather different, there is blood and life involved here.  If only war was like a game of boxing, whereby only the two boxers get into the ring and fix their divergences without a third party enduring even a bruise. But in war, its a different story.  Let me make an example, with no intention to point fingers of course, when the Palestinian group 'Hamas' took thrones in Palestine they felt they can deal with the Israelis to gain back land which they feel was unfairly taken from them and given to the Israelis.  A large number of the Palestine population, I believe was not really in a quest to war with Israel for the land. In the process though, whether you feel like the war is necessary or not, you should be ready for bruise. In the latest Gaza dispute, as reported by the BBC newsround of 20 February 2015, "Most recently in July 2014, authorities said over 2,200 people were killed - most of them Palestinians - and many more injured, during 50 days of violence." Me and you are pretty sure that these people are not all army people, these are mostly civilians. The on and off nature of the Gaza dispute proves clearly my claim that wars are just to test new tactics and technologies. The Hamas cease to fight so that they can go back to the drawing board and restructure, once they feel like they are strong again, they blow the whistle like the reff in soccer.

Joan Armatrading sings a great song about women ruling, she says "That women rule the world if women ruled the world, It would be a good thing, No more war, No more hate... Like mother nature feeds the world, A woman will think of her child first, No more sons dying young,Women bore sons for living" Joan Armatrading, 'If women ruled the world' (1992). Not in an intention to raise women above men, but in a way I find my innerself nodding to Joan's ideology.  They are not perfect, but a "true" women would not collect individuals to a death fated spree. O.k, me and you know that despite the preaching of gender equality everyday but some men would rather die than give the world to women.

What if we can make one Island a war ring, do not worry about strings to enclose the ring, the sea shall hand us that for free. I wish I could send this to the ICC and United Nations, I wish I could ask them to declair one of the World's Islands a "war ring" so two parties who want to war would send a application for using the war stadium, and they be given the rules of the game and starting time to stoppage time. If they feel like they need a rematch they apply again. This would benefit us in a this way; no civilians will ever get bruises of wars, neither their taxes will be used to rebuild war destroyed structures.

I know by now you are wondering how this crazy moron reached such a stupid idea. I do not blame you, I would think so too. But all in all, in my view, to the world's leaders war has become a game like any sport where two sides clash to prove theirstrengths and tactics. So, why not grant them the filed of play away from innocent civilians?