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Let Us Stop Filling Bins

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Friday, 13 November 2015

Let Us Stop Filling Bins

Let us Stop Filling Bins


We may not know what really inspired the people of the era in the picture to fix broken things, but they surely did. Nowadays we are disposable oriented, we do not want to use, wash and use again. From the things we use to the things we own as well as to our partners. The number of marrying people is going down and that of divorcing individuals is growing. I for one can not be sure of the reason behind, what I can only do is try to analyse the situation. Doing an analysis of human habits, behaviour, languages is my interest if not one of my hobbies.

In the past, before me and you, societal values were different from the ones we have now. During the time of our parents it was a fulfillment of life to have a life partner and be married. Marriage was rather a simple stage of growth just like puberty, no one would want to escape puberty. Marriage was known to come to the life of every individual at a certain point in time, there was no hesitation or doubt over that. Marriage fulfilled one's life, just like puberty.

As we have likened marriage to puberty, we all wish we could go back to the times before puberty befell us, we wish to go back and live that stress free life. Unfortunately, we can not turn back the hands of time, the knowledge that there is no turning back enforces us to come up with ways to handle the challenges which befell us when puberty reached us.  This is the same as marriage of the times of our fathers and mothers, failure was an enemy during those times. During the times of our parents it was a taboo to go in and out of marriage.  It proved failure of that individual, that is where the fixing of broken relationships emanated from.

As opposed to the past times, today finding a good paying job and being self sufficient fulfills our lives. Nowadays there is nothing as stressful as marriage, having someone to explain to why you do A and B.  Freedom as got into the blood of every individual now, we all want to live a life without conformity. Funny enough though, we do get into marriage, the only difference is that we find pride in moving out of marriage. Marriage still is a stage of life that we know we should pass through, just that nowadays we just want to be initiated and then move out again. We just want to say "I tried". Failure has lost its sting in this era, rather it has become a gate to "freedom".

One possible reason why we do not try to fix things is because we get in waiting for the time of our partner's slippery to come, when it comes we rock the 'happy dance' on our way out. We get into marriage knowing that our marriage is a disposable item, once it proves to be faulty we throw it away. It does not mean that our fathers and mothers were all perfect, No, but they had the wish to keep their marriages for ever.

Another possible reason behind the disposal of marriages is the position which money has taken lately. Money can buy you 'everyting' nowadays; a companion, even intimacy. Intimacy is among the major things that two individus marry to enjoy, so what about an era where intimacy can be paid for just like ice cream? The love of money has become stronger, stronger than the love humanity gives to one another.

Let us go back and get our spanners; these spanners are in the form of patience and hope, let us fix broken things than dispose them.