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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Let Us Involve Them Too

Let Us Involve them too

Sixteen days of activism against abuse of women and children. I am fully beihind this campaign, I'm not a fan of abuse or any form of violence. Among women is my mother, among children is my daughter.  I think this shows it to you how much I am attached to women, I can't perpetuate their abuse in any way. Actually, I feel like the sixteen days is not enough, why not three hundred and sixty five days of activism against abuse of women and children?

Men should not use their strength to make women and children's lives miserable, instead they should use that strength to ensure that women and children are safe and happy.  I for one, I cannot let my lady carry a heavy load in my presence, unless its our daughter and she is crying; I would never let anything bad happen to my daughter in my presence, something I can prevent with cmy strength. My strength is to their advantage, not their woe. What kind of a man who does not find joy in making a woman smile, being the hero for a lady? I do not know that kind if men, I know men who always are eager to do great things for a lady. The kind of men I'm talking about would never hurt a lady either by words or physically.

I do not understand really how men get to abuse and be violent to women. On the campaign then, I would like to voice my view on the title or heading of it. "Sixteen days of activism against abuse of women and children"... "...abuse of women and children", who are the monsters then? Whom are we acting against in the sixteen days? Let us not waste time people, the answer is simple here, MEN. Men are the ones who abuse women and children, the sixteen days is against them, purely.  As I have already said, among women is my mother and my daughter among children. Really! Do they need to be protected from me? In me they see a shelter to hide under. So, who are the men who abuse women and children? A simple answer again, the very same supposed pillars of strength.

O.k, men abuse women and children. I have a question as well, are men never abused? Have we not heard of cases whereby men are physically abused by their wives? Have we not heard of cases whereby men are verbally and emotionally abused? I for one have heard some cases. I have heard a case where a man was splashed with boiling oil. That is abuse at it's best. That being said, we cannot despite the fact that in most cases where man are abused by women it's a retaliation from the woman. There are a few cases of pure men abuse.

In the struggle to bring the abuse to stop we need not to single out one group as monsters. We need all social groups to join hands in the fight. So, if we single out one group as the monster group we might chase them away in the process, they might shy away. Like really, how do you join a fight against you? You are boldly said as the cause of the problem, then how do you shout around " stop it! Stop it!"? Honeslty I love the fight against abuse of women and children, above that I love humanity as a whole. Let me not beat around the Bush; I want to say let us fight against "human abuse", 'sixteen days of activism against human abuse', isn't that nice? Let humanity be one and fight against all social illnesses together without pointing fingers to certain groups of the society.