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Wednesday, 4 November 2015


There is nothing more important than your own happiness.

Doesn't that sound rather selfish?

This does sound selfish in a way. That being said, we all can confess to that we wish to stay happy all the time. There are certain individuals whom their happiness is attained through the suffering and pain of others. What about them? Should they go on and value their happiness more than anything as well?

Maybe we can modify the statement. 'There is nothing more important than human harmony and love'. This being attained, everyone's happiness is guaranteed. By everyone I do not include emotionally impaired souls, like those whose happiness is attained through the tears and blood of others.

My happiness is always short lived, I can be happy for a moment after lending a hand to needy soul, but just when I turn around the corner I come across another soul, even worse a soul I can't help this time. It hurts.