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Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Among the three big cats of the African zoo, that is the Leopard, Cheater and Lion, there is nothing that brings a challenge as giving birth to new a born; their survival is the scarcest outcome. Even worse among the lions, the pride has the option of devouring their own male young.  This is normal among the zoo dwellers, but when by chance this habit drifts to humanity, it shocks the two legged and known for the highest reasoning mammals.

Lately it has become a ‘norm’ that the media reports to us about a new born child who has been given marching orders back to the unknown world within a few days in this known one. We can spend the whole time in the pendulum cursing at those who happen to commit the act, but one thing that skips our minds, basically because of empathy for the lost soul, is to ever think about the cause of such shocking acts. One who wants to deal with mosquitoes should not be trying to chase those which are already in his house, but should be looking around for their breeding places. The same applies in this case; we should be worrying about the circumstances which lead to one who has suffered for a handsome nine months to abandon the yield of their suffering. We should keep in mind that the process of pregnancy is far from titillating, but instead it is so frustrating; so why would one keep such frustration for a whole nine months only to get rid of the result?

First, I would prefer to refer to those people who commit such acts as ‘survivors’, actually in my own view they do not commit such an act, this befalls them. Everyone is capable of finding oneself in such a trap, it is normal of humanity to be blinded by a situation considered ‘difficult’ to them not even too see a solution right under their nose. From many of us’ Christian upbringings, one is expected to stay a ‘virgin’ until marriage; by the way ‘virgin’ does not only refer to females, but anyone who have not yet engaged in sexual intercourse. For the sisters, missing your monthly blood donations means you might be the greatest outcast in church, more than the fellas who put Christ Himself to the cross. And then, an inner debate commences, whether to end the pregnancy or to keep it, as the ‘inner debate’ goes on, the zygote grows too; and one finds herself at a stage that is beyond abortion. That sister is left with no choice but to keep the pregnancy while looking if her surroundings are doing any change towards accepting her situation, and later it comes out they do not. As a result, when the baby arrives she decides to do away with the knife that cuts her relationship with her pastor that she loves so much.

Poverty is one things that we cannot deny to be part and parcel of our life in this land locked ‘Island’, not all of us can afford certain ‘basic’ needs. This sister meets a financially stable brother, and sister gives her all to this brother, and even goes a mile to conceive for the good brother, still in a means to keep the brother. At the news about the pregnancy, the brother makes it very clear that he is not responsible, and is not going to take any responsibility of such a fruit he did not plant. Our sister whom we love so much is left alone in it, hoping to get support from family and friends, the ones who have been cheering her affair with brother; only to find that they have vanished into the sea regardless of the fact that we are landlocked. Sister has no other option than to do away with the thief that has stolen away her love, family and friends.

One word, or maybe two, SUPPORT or EMOTIONAL SUPPORT; that is all our sisters need, they need us to whisper into their ears ‘you are strong, you will handle this’, and that God the creator loves them and only Him is to judge them.