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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Not to Point Fingers

I think there is really one primary school subject that I would like to heap praises on, that subject made the human me out of the mammal me of that era. Whether you like it or not, social studies, except the map issues, was one subject which gave us most of the skills of humanity which we have today. During our time social studies had a piece of history, science, home management, and morality; what more would one look for then?

It is in Social Studies that we learnt the gender of countries and governments, we were taught to say “Zimbabwe has a lot of minerals, she has ceased mining them due to resist to white supremacy”. ‘Zimbabwe… she’, then we pick the gender of countries there, as well the gender of governments. ‘She’ creatures in the mammal world hold caring and loving characteristics; there is no mammal that the National Geographic Channel has brought to my knowledge in which the young are left with the male. Of course we can’t run all around looking for shrubs to hide the fact that humans have began such, we have seen cases of women who leave their womb less men to take care of their young, gender equality of course. I would like to lay a charge against the two feet species of mammals; they are one group which changes the routes of nature every day, more than any other mammal group.

The reason countries and governments were accorded the ‘she’ pronoun, I suppose, was the caring and loving characteristics that are expected from them. A government is a mother to the nation it leads, as a mother deciding which baby formulae to feed to her baby, the government should decide on laws that will make life good and the environment conducive for her nation. Thus, government… she, because it has to be a mother figure to the people she leads. A mother loves her children ‘equally’, troublesome or helpful; we are expecting the same from the mother government then, love for both for and against.

Gender equality then would pound its claws on me for talking about one gender, though it mostly does not when it is men who are left out,  but let me stay safe less it starts to care about men through me. Male mammals have characteristics too, for one let us take the lion. The lion hunts only when hungry, while the lioness hunts to produce breast milk and feed the young when they are old enough to chew. But, even if the lioness has a successful hunt, the order of eating is never interrupted; the LION first, then lioness and young ones. The case of leopards is even worse, the male and the female only meet for twelve hours to mate, young ones are a full burden of the female. It never hunts for them, nor just ‘hala’ at them.

This applies even to the case of governments, there are male governments, the LION kinds of governments, or even leopard kinds of. Even if the people try means and make their own source of bread, but the ‘LION’ will eat first, that’s the case of male governments. As the title has already alluded, there authorship of this article had no intention to point fingers, it was just to an  attempt to heap a pile of praise on Social Studies, this is one subject that made the now from the then me, and I also know six of my friends who are the products of Social Studies too.