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Friday, 27 November 2015

a letter to my blog

A Letter to My Love

Dear KingBEmpireMorals

As I write this letter my eyes are glassy honey, my heart is leaking blood, and water of course. I have been distanced from you, for days I haven't Fed you even a piece of biscuit. This letter serves as a token of apologies my lovely angel.

Before I made you my sweetheart I went around looking for ways and strategies to take care of you. One advisor told me never to neglect you, for there is no one else who can give you attention and food besides me. If I neglect you a natural death might or will surely succumb you. At your death what will I be? Who will I talk to? Who will I send to talk to the world? Who will listen to me honey? I need you sweety. Please my love, may you be patient with me. Please stay with me regardless of all the bad things I do to you; the neglect, the hurt, the unfaithfulness.

Above all, I love you so much. May I please go away from you for a moment, I will always think about you in my absence. I promise to feed you to obesity when I come back to your loving arms. I already have about seven meals for you in my mind, when I get a breather I will feed you sweety. I love you.

Your loving Empire
King B