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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Whom are You Waiting for to Give You a Go Ahead?

Whom are You Waiting for to Give You a Go Ahead?

Passion, I went online to look for definitions of this here word. I just got the definitions which desrcibed passion just as the inexplicable emotional zone within me felt passion is. Dictionary.com impressed me when they say "passion is a powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate...strong amorous feeling or desire; love; ardor." Why should I waste my efforts when such a sweet description has already been offered? Even sweeter, wikipedia defines passion as an intense emotion, a COMPELLING enthusiasm or desire for something. They go on to bring to our eyes the origin if the word, Greek, where it purely means suffering.

Not to say I am a Greek fan, but most emotions and anchor ideologies usually have Greeak origin. I agree with them that passion is 'suffering'. The suffering aspect actually clearly manifests in cases of suppressed passion, suppressed passion haunts one like his shadow does on a sunny day. Passion is elastic, one bad thing about it, the more it has to haunt you the more it stretches, and after sometime it no more stretches, if it keeps on being ignored. But, it never dies, rather it gets less passionate. How many of your passions have you stretched to limit, they no more haunt you now, they just pass by?

There is only one major mistake we beautiful people usually make, we want to wait for a go ahead. One thing that slips me is who are we expecting to give us that go ahead. The only people who rarely endure the haunts of passion are those who are passionate on common endeavours, simple because they follow a lot of individuals ahead of then, and that alone offers then the 'go ahead'. Some of us have dreams and endeavours that have rarely been embarked on in our societies, thus our passions are kept within us just because it looks like 'my dream is odd, who has ever done that in my region?'. But, am I a replica? Or a copy? No, me and you are not, we are purely distinct and have the ability to bring to our regions new endeavours for those after us.

It does feel risky, mainly because we in most times care about 'what will they say if I fail?'. I have a piece of advice on that question; people who are not busy in their own lives and have the time to convert mine into their show, it's great, let them watch as I give shots at the bull's eye of my dreams and goals. At first they will nod when I miss, but later when I start hitting the target they will forget their hating objective and start cheering and applauding my achievements.

The way I see it, following your passion can only satisfy the deep hunger inside you, no one else's, so why look and think about others' reaction when it's only you who feels the void? Why? Can you eat a burger to entertain your friend's hunger? Like can I eat the burger and your stomach gets full? No! If I have a passion, the first point is I do not have to explain to anyone why am I embarking on any route, it's me and my emotions here. If I feel a passion I just jump to the ride of my emotions, not the person next to me.

Don't ever be let down or be discouraged by anyone to persue your passion, not even me. Seat back, relax, take a deep breath, then say this is me persuing my passion, not entertaining anyone. The fruits will be yours, so let the choice be yours.