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Friday, 6 November 2015

Love Has Found Me

Just like Gambling, Pour the Coins 

"Can you do this for me, whisper a prayer. What I waited so long for, is finally here... I always give love, never thought I deserve to be the one who gets love" Asa, "How Did Love Find Me''.

I'm a music person, of course on the listening end of it, singing! Oh! That's completely a different story for another day. One morning we were in a morning devotion at my work place, I work in a missionary school so we have a devotion every morning before work commences. We are singing and then this colleague of mine whispers to me "man which part are you singing? Are singing the private part?" So I think I now have given you a picture of how bad am I in singing.

I did not open the document to talk about my vocal bruises though, I would like us to discuss 'giving love'. The singer in the opening lines say she needs a prayer, if you could listen to whole song, she says she needs a prayer because love has found her. A great song, or just a great singer, Asa. I would like to concur with the Nigerian Lady, love is complicated that it does need a superpower invoking.

One important thing to mention before discussing further is that love cannot be searched for. One cannot be going around searching for love. My concern is that I believe nobody knows the colour of love, so if one embarks on a search for love, how will s/he know that s/he has found love. In my own view love has to 'find' you. Love has to take you by surprise, and when you realize you should be like "am I...am I really in... Oh I'm in love, it has found me." The fear is another sign that you have met love, once you feel so so in cloud nine with no glimse of fear know that you have found love not love finding you.

That being said, it is important to point out that love is a game of giving. Just like in a gambling machine, just load the coins without much expectations, you will be amazed when the machine goes crazy and pours back. In the love game you just have to give love to your best capacity, when your turn to receive comes you will not believe it has. In a relationship roles change, there is a point where one partner loves all out, and the receiving one feels like wow! So make sure that when your turn comes, give your best as well. One thing is that the roles change without the parties involved knowing it. Just give, your turn to receive will come.

When you feel like you love someone, and that someone allows you the chance to, just pour the love. Do not wait at a corner and try to peep on what he or she brings, NO, just love. Love is one favour that returns itself without the host noticing that s/he is returning the favour.  Just like gambling, pour the coins in.