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Friday, 1 January 2016

Love as A Tree

"True Love is never found, but it is built." Anonymus. "Anonymous" yes, I always try not to steal other people's minds, I do make my works on basis of others but I always make sure I do say that I am not the owner.

Maybe before I start talking non-stop, let me take this time and congratulate you for crossing over to 2016, you did a great favor for me by crossing over to 2016. Make those resolutions now, do not worry about 2015's failures, just go to the drawing board and make new resolutions. People would usually say "this is my year", I love that attitude, I love it. I am giving this one to you, 2016 is your year, take it, take it, its yours. When we say 2016 is your year we do not mean to say others won't prosper, but to say you ate joining the others.

Back to the most strenuous topic at hand, I wonder why did I embark on such a journey on a resting day. True Love, in the quote the mind behind says "True Love is never found, but it is built". I say 'give that man a Bell's'. In one of my essays I said "love finds you that you finding love" Dlamini (2015), oh! last year. When love finds you, it is just love, we can't yet say "true or false, strong or weak", what matters is how the nurturing process is taken. I say love is like a tree, to grow old and bear good fruits it has to be well taken care of, watered, manured, weeded for.

When you come across a potential partner and you feel your heart skipping at his or her sight, then you have a seed in your hands. You carry the seed around trying to prepare the land for the seed, trying to bring the needed conditions for germination. Once the potential says "yes", then you can burry the seed, take care of it by ensuring that the conditions are conducive for germination. When your potential says "yes", s/he actually is saying "let us give it a change and see if it can grow to a healthy relationship". In that process, that is where true love is born and built. For me, love germinates just like a seedling, how good you care for it dertemines whether it will be strong for storms and droughts or it will be wiped away by simple after winter winds. If it can stand storms and droughts, that is when we say "this is true love".

Tests always come, nobody plans and plots them. When tests come they come together with headache. I would say to my friends 'a good flowing relationship scares me, the time it comes across problems it will just crumble". A relationship must be through 'thick and thin' in order to be strong for bombs to come. Not to say partners should hurt their lovers intentionally, saying they are preparing them for the future. As you endure the challenges, that is when you are building 'true love' as the quote said. Too much talkative, yes I am. Let me cut this one short and end here.