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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Resolutions, Let's Make Them

On the 17th of January 2016 I was lucky to wake up alive and healthy, I then took the precious chance to go to church for the first time in the year. To ensure that no year passes without an attendance to church I always try to visit church at least once in the first month of the year, so I did. I went to Jesus Calls Worship Centre in Matsapha, among the things that blessed me so much is that I found my lovely sister whom I love and respect so much leading in song. WoW! Wheter you like it or not, I assure you, she is superb with song. I wasn't surprised by her super music capability, I've always known she sings more beautiful even than the birds of the veld. Her song gave me strength and hope for 2016.

I have been shying away from talking about this year's resolution, myself is not the resolutions kind of a person; my reason is simple, I do not want to deal with the guilt all year through. So I just don't make the resolutions to protect myself. By so saying though, I am not saying yo should all join me in my stupidity and cowardice. Please, I am begging you, make the resolutions good people. I have been told this year our brothers and sisters and sisters who rarely have birthdays will be honoured and have the 29th of Februay to have their chance to celebrate their birthdays. It's a leap year, what does this mean then? Easy, it means we have one more day to matiarialize our plans. I thinks its a good year for resolutions, isn't it?

One mistake we should watch for in the process of resolutions making is not being fantastic, or fanatic; pardon me it''s a third language. Do not make resolutions that you have failed to keep for the past four years, c'mon, you should accept defeat. In actual facts, I prefer plans than resolutions, then the plan goes with principles. When you have seen that your plans need more money than last year's plans, you will come up with principles that will guard your spending. Principles are within, while in most cases resolutions are some kind of a show off. Just a thin line, the publicity.

Moslty, I do not understand why do we need to involve everyone on our plans and principles, thoughts and views of our future. I do not understand. Why do we need to tell everyone about us, why? Why not just be you and do your things for yourself? Let people run around while you know what you are doing. The danger in letting everyone in is that you will have to keep "standards" even when times are not fine at that particular moment. Let me tell you a story about some person I used to know. At some point things were going his way, prosperity was his second name. And a new year came, he resolved not to board on public transport no more, "I'm not going back to public transport no more, from 2012 onwards." We were happy for him, public transport is strenuous and we all know that. A season of drought befell the man, his two cars crushed and they were beyond repair. As that was not enough, his business vanished, and so sadly he lost his only son to a six months long illness. For he swore not to go back so sit next to us in public transport, he had to start renting cars. Money never stopped leaking out, the money for renting was no more. He took his life. He made one tragic flow, telling us his resolutions.

A piece of advice from a fool, make principles, resolutions which are only known to you. From deep inside my spinal code, for I believe emotions are kept in the spinal code; I wish you a wonderful 2016, I wish that you accomplish your plans, and you keep your principles. Myself will give my best shot to accomplishing my plans, I do have them. And they haunt and taunt me everyday.