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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

You go got!

I have this sister of mine who would just swear at you without a much apparent reason, she does not mind meeting and just say "iyawbotja Manyosi", this can be translated to "it that never ends is an ormen".  You just get confused which joy is she swearing for to end soon now. One thing that makes her great is just that, we just laugh non stop after such. She is so great with the foreign language, English, I ask from her when I get stuck with the language of the Anglos. One day she made me laugh more than all the other days when she just brought a pure siSwati proverb to English without really anglocising it.

"You got got". I was like "I what!?", she just repeated herself, "you got got". Just after about 73 seconds I was laughing a storm, I now understood how she came up with such a great English proverb. In my mind I was like "I gotta help the English users and add this one for them, they surely will enjoy having it". For one to understand clearly what "you got got" means one should follow carefully.

When one is beaten by something s/he thought s/he is a master of, or something s/he thought beats stupids, we say "utfolakele" in siSwati. This means that something that you thought won't beat you has beaten you. You have been got by what you thought won't get you, thus arriving to the point where my sister would say "you got got". So English users, when one is beaten at his or her own game, they got got.

My point here is that let us not hold our heads too high in many aspects, for we do not know when things would turn around then they get the chance to say to us "you got got". Let us be humble, even with the things we think we know so much, just say "I will give it a try and see if I can handle it". If you deal with that duty greatly then all praises ate yours, if you fail they would say "s/he did promise to give her/is best to it". Bragging is so not good for one, it places you at a position where everyone is looking forward to your failure, where we are all looking forward to saying "you got got".

Just like you, who thinks is a great reader, you might not understand this article. And you know what, you got got. WoW!