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Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Love We Only Hear About in Music

The Love We Only Hear About in Music

Music is one great art that takes one to a different world, a perfect world, a world of pure imagination. I love music, I love fantasy, I love happiness. Happiness is only in the fantasy world, I assure you on that. For one to be happy, one has to forget about other things and set their mind only on that particular happy moment. Before I started working, I thought getting paid brings happiness, No; I was wrong. With music, you forget reality and think only of the great things expressed by the musicians; be it music of appreciation or of complaining, they all lock you inside your own room. Mostly, when I'm at my workplace, when I wake up in the morning I boot my computer and listen to music. As the music plays I sing along, I agree with the singer, I disagree with them. During that time I am in a world of music, a world of fantasy, a world I would never be besides through music. I have one reason for doing this, I want to make sure that when I step out of the house to reality, that world be new.

"if loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be right..." How does this sound? To me it sounds WoW! This is a song by Luther Ingram, I'm happy to disclaim it before you think I'm the one who says this to you, hey! people love being loved but they never love the way they would love to be loved. These are the sacrifices you only find in music, whereby one would rather be the greatest culprit just to be with the one they love. How I wish you could get the lyrics to the whole song, "If being right means being without you I'd rather live a wrong doing life...". WoW! Can you imagine that? Can you?

Luther Ingram is not the only one who has a really music song, I also know a great jam by Julio Iglesias "When you tell me that you love me". I love this song, when I listen to it I feel love deep inside me, love I have never felt before, and I do nothing than send "I love you" to that Lady whom I love. "I'll make you safe no matter where you are, and bring you everything you ask for nothing is above me, I'm shining like a candle in the dark when you tell me that you love me...", hey, believe me on this, this song takes me to a world I wanna be forever.

Hope I am not in a way advertising certain music, I'm only making sure that you understand the sweet sting of music in our lives. I know by now you are wondering about my age, do not worry I'm a late 90's soul, just that I njoy great old jams. To me music is like wine, it matures with age. I wasn't a fan of Chris Brown ft. Jordin Sparks's "No Air" when it was really hot to many of us, I only played it most in 2015, and a friend was like "really! You still got this one?". Still on the effect of music, I hope you know the Everly Btrothers, they play a really great jam, "let it be me", hey, believe me again, it makes you think like "Wow! Love".

 "I bless the day I found you
I want to stay around you
And so I beg you
Let it be me

Don't take this Heaven from one
If you must cling to someone
Now and forever
Let it be me
Each time we meet, love
I find complete love
Without your sweet love
What would life be?"
     Everly Brothers.

No, No No! Its not me, but the Everly Brothers. I'm sorry to quote much of this one, but I couldn't help but feel like I should say these words to you, oh! How do you feel at reading the above verses? Just be honest, how do you feel? As for me, I feel like "oh! Love". I would play this one in the morning, and I would go to my cell phone and send a message, 'I love you babe'. These are the kind of jams that reminds you how great love is.

I'm not a persimist, but that does not blind my eyes from worries of life. Even mourning or complaining music, the Adele type of music, does take one to a fantasy world. And, I won't bring up Adele, unless some people feel like I am talking to them when saying "Never mind I'll find someone like you...". Like really! Why would I look for someone like the one who just hurt me? Am I looking for another Hurter?

Beau Williams plays "Alvina", oh! what a jam! You know when Alvina plays, you think of all your lost love, all the mistakes you'ved made, all the wrongs you do to your current love.

"But sometimes it takes so much for a man to see
The good that I had in you
And you were always so true,

Guess I never thought u would ever go away yeah~
Down on my knees everyday
Pray that u come back to me..."
                   Beau Williams.

The guy in the song is down on his knees begging the not there Elvina. Hey! Have you ever talked to someone who is not there? Talk to her like she is right in front of you? That is because your eyes do see her at that point, just that they see her turn her back and leave. This song takes me to a fantasy world as well, just like the happy ones.

Let me tell you, I really do listen to old music. I can't afford to leave without drawing your attention to Julio Iglesias' "If I ever needed you".

"I can't be the same
since you went away.
The best of my life
walked away with you that day.
I was wrong, I know,
when I hurt you so.
I was a fool
to ever let you go.
Stay with me... Oh! Stay with me!"
            Julio Iglesias.

I'm tongue tied, tied. People would rarely admit to being stupid, let alone the egocentric creatures, men. But, in the song we hear such, one admitting to have been a fool. That is what we all wish our partners could say whenever they have hurt us, we wish they would come down and show that they are sorry, make us feel great and better. Unfortunately, these are words we only find in music.

This is my advice, if you want enjoy happiness, love and life, you have to take time and lock yourself in your room and play great music, music that says all the things that you wish to hear but you are never told. Smile, laugh, say yes, say no, intersect with musicians. I've dined with Julio, Phill Collins, Kenny Rodgers, The Mighty OJs, Temptations, Lionel Richie, Michael Lens; I have responded to their words, affirmed their words, laughed at their words. That is why I would never go to a live show, because I won't get the quality time I get with then in morning before I go to work.