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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Love Takes Two

Love Takes Two

"Relationships are like birds, if you hold tight they Die, if you hold loosely the Fly. But if you hold with care they stay with you for ever" www.informativeQuotes.com. WoW! This is well said, well said.

I am not the kind of a soul who easily gets bored, but sometimes I do surf through my WhatsApp and check my friend's profile pictures and status messages, believe me, its fun. Since the popularity of picture messages, people now express their feelings through the pictures they upload as their profile pictures. That is where I met this above qoute. When I saw it I was like, 'o.k true'. If I were to add a word to the line I would say "relationships are like young birds...". I usually say to my friends 'to find a great partner relies solely on luck', I have been into relationships myself, I assure it takes a fragile handler. The time when you try to hold him or her much closer, s/he gets pushed away. Also, the time when you just don't care, s/he gets pushed away feeling ignored.

I sat down and looked at this, looked at the relationtiops I have seen, through my friends, my brothers, cousins and neighbours. Handling a relationship takes both partners, what makes it to be like a small bird is having one party trying so hard to keep it alive while the other doesn't even remember that it exists. If it was a cup it would have two handles, calling for two hands to hold it nicely. One thing that leads to one partner nursing a little bird is the reasons for which we fall in love. If I were to ask, why did you fall in love with your Ex or your current partner? There are a few, much few of us who would say "I don't know, I just felt love overwhelming me, I love that soul", while according to my belief that's the answer that would define a genuine reason for falling in love with someone.  Once we have a clear reason why we fell for them, then it would be an artificial relationship, mainly because once that person loses that aspect, your love dies a natural death. "I just loved his wheels... I was caught by the taste of clothing... He spoiled me that I can't deny the offer", these are some of the responses you would get. And these are the kind of situations which lead to fragile little birds.

I do not know why and how it happens, maybe that is where the 'love is blind' ideology emanates from. I do not understand why we cling to our partners even if we do not feel the love, like we never felt it. I'm sure you will think of a couple yourself; those couples from which everyone can see that one partner has never loved the other, while the other is sensationally burning with love, o.k I have seen some of such. We keep on nursing the fragile bird which does not even show a sign of willing to live. Please sweet angels, get me well, I am not saying minimise this page and go straight to your messenger and send him or her an "I'm done" message. What I'm just saying is give it a thought.

"You hold it tight, it dies...", the reason for this is simple, sometimes; you never miss the water until the well runs dry. Its normal of humanity, we never know the precious things we own until we lose them. So, the tighter you hold, the more s/he forgets your reflex muscles can still loosen up and s/he falls. And still, I'm not saying dry the wells fellas, I'm just talking about what is on the ground.

"You hold loosely, they Fly...", you know the reason? O.k I do. This is rather expected though, the bird feels unwanted. What makes the bird feels unwanted is the fact that it is not doing any means to live.

"If you hold with care, it stays with you forever". I'm sorry, may I please begg to differ on this. In my own view, there is no bird that can be held 'carefully' if it is not willing to stay, it does not see the reason for staying, or it just doesn't like the place. The bird has to have an interest to stay and survive too. As I have said, its a two handle cup, it needs both partners to strive to make it work. Love really does take two, it is not supposed to be one of the two lovers working so hard to help their communion survive. Let me make this clear, when two people are in love, none between the two of them is doing a favor for the other by falling in love. They have to both do so because they feel the love, thus they will see the reason to sweat to keep their relationship going forever.

Let's kill the birds, and hold our hands together, embrace love, enjoy love. Let me tell you, it is so nice and enjoyable to be in love, reciprocal love. I love you.